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Site services

1. A chat for your site

2. A booking on manufacturing of banners

3. A booking on manufacturing of sites

4. Granting of work to masters on manufacturing of banners and sites within the limits of the Partner program.

Chat for your website

Easy, compact chat for your website. To order such chat for your website, you must:

1. Registered on our website - Registration.

2. Register your own chat (name) - New chat.

After that you will receive an HTML-code of a chat which you will have to place it on your website.

Also you will have The administrative interface For editing chat options.

Advantages of our chat:


Partner programs

You can earn money together with us.

1. Will place on the site the reference to our site and will receive a part of profit on all clients who have come on a site under your link.

2. If you own technology Flash, we will give you orders for manufacturing of banners.